The Beginning Is Near

i have come to the conclusion that as i move threw this world as one person causing the tinniest ripple in the worlds plans that the only one that really will be there for you is the one that you see in the mirror every morning. without that motherfucker right there nothing else matters. you take care of yourself until you have your shit taken care of and then when thats taken care of help the same way you got that help and influence the next kid to do the same. as we do this the world progresses and we help our way threw the evolutionary train towards or perfect stage. the inner circe will never revile itself to the public but as we move along the path towards our perfect state you need to focus on you while the ones that can will explore and venture out from the norm. you will find out along the way what you need to do with yourself until your heart stops pumping blood to the rest of your body. this is a very very high message from the brain of Aaron Holden while on two tabs of acid and plenty of bong bowls. even tho i am under the influence of these drugs i am capable of realizing that the human mind can conquer anything put in front of it. it may not be with that one specimen but a thousand years from now the problems we face will no longer be around. the human race will be facing more important things by then. the only thing the human species has ever done is adapt. as the world changes around us we change with it. the scientist of today don’t realize that. anyone that says we will be in the exact same form as we are now a thousand years from now is a disgraces to all of the bodies pilled up over the years. none of this makes sense to the normal human and its because I’m not very good at expressing what needs to be expressed. this is my first attempt at telling you all what you need to know and I’m failing. i will have many more attempts to come and you will one day understand what has driven me to this point in my life.

                                                                                      7:19pm  7/23/14

                                                        Attempt 1